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Anesthesiology Groups

Anesthesiology groups have a complex revenue cycle. Anesthesiology has unique coding requirements and quality measurements that affect reimbursement and the revenue cycle. Groups that employ CRNAs have additional considerations, including verifying the concurrency of medically directed cases and the accurate use of the “Q” modifiers begins the list.

The revenue value of CRNAs is often underestimated and under-billed. Medical Business Management works with anesthesiology groups to develop their revenue cycle and generate their cash flow.

How We Assist Anesthesiology Groups

MBM assists anesthesiology groups in the following ways:
Cash flow projections
Pain management billing/collections
Revenue cycle development
Credentialing with payers
Revenue Separation
Productivity standards
CPD and ICD Coding
Data Entry
Payment posting
Hospital contracting
Patient payment inquiries
Storage and scanning
Stipend negotiations
We establish a high-yield revenue cycle and help anesthesia groups generate cash flow. We use anesthesia-specific billing software, and our experienced staff has a wealth of anesthesia billing knowledge.

In our daily work cycle, MBM credentials your providers as needed, codes all claims, electronically files all ICD-10 claims with insurance payors, posts payments, and follows up on no-pay or slow-paying claims so that anesthesiologists can focus on what they do best.

Contact us to see how your practice can improve cash flow and streamline processes.

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