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Anesthesia Practice Management Technology

Medical Business Management has developed a proprietary software that allows clients to upload documents directly to the digital workflow. Clients can easily track the progress through the coding and billing process as well as exchange messages as required.

Electronic interfaces are the preferred method of transferring billing documents. Medical Business Management has developed HL7, CSV, flat file and space delimited interfaces with multiple EMR systems.

Medical Business Management's internal IT department includes a programmer with over 12 years of experience, allowing MBM the flexibility to interface with any system. Developing an interface ensures the fastest and most accurate transmission of data, resulting in higher payments for your services.
MBM’s unique software include:
Anesthesia specific billing software
Coding specific software
Real-time claim tracking software
Proprietary content management systems
Digital workflow
Credentialing specific software
Scanning and electronic document storage software

Anesthesia-Specific Billing Software

Our anesthesia-specific billing software allows us to process and track medical claims throughout the billing process. The software incorporates programs that kick out and track incorrect claims during processing, enabling MBM to correct and re-file promptly.
MBM developed a data-sharing direct patient information download, which helps speed the billing process and reduce days in accounts receivables. These programs deliver EMR/EHR compatibility.

MBM is positioned as a clearing house with major insurance payers, enabling fast and effective Electronic Filings and Electronic Remittances.

Staying informed of industry trends and the latest guidance in today’s dynamic insurance landscape can be extremely challenging. MBM stays up-to-date for it's clients and informs them of changes that impact your business. MBM is at the forefront of technology, and we have strategically positioned ourselves for future growth.

eDelivery of Statements

MBM utilizes an enhanced eDelivery or electronic healthcare billing and payment platform, sending patients statements via text and email. eDelivery has been proven to increase patient payments and receive the payments faster than traditional paper statements.

Coverage Discovery

Designed to maximize payments from uninsured patients, our Coverage Discovery Program finds an average of 20% additional insurance plans allowing more claims to go directly to payors vs. being identified as self-pay, charity, or bad debt.

Contact us to see how technology can help increase profits and streamline processes.
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