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Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management

Turn Claims Into Cash Flow

Revenue cycle management (RCM) turns claims for anesthesia services into cash flow by managing, monitoring, and improving your revenue stream. Errors and inefficiencies impact results, and managing the cycle is complicated for facilities and groups that provide services through both anesthesiologists and CRNAs.

MBM has a proven track record of increasing anesthesia cash flow and developing a consistent revenue cycle for anesthesia providers. Our proprietary reporting allows MBM to accurately project revenue from new anesthesia services for hospitals, clinics, and offices.

We provide a cost-effective solution that substantially increases predictable revenue from anesthesiologists and CRNAs, setting your team free to focus on patient care.

The Anesthesia Revenue Cycle

Anesthesia revenue cycle management is straightforward, but ensuring your facility is appropriately reimbursed for your anesthesia services requires expert ability to execute on the details.

The first step in the revenue cycle is provider credentialing because you can't file claims until the insurance carrier approves the provider.

When we receive the claims receipt, patient demographics, and insurance information for services provided by a credentialed provider, our experts enter the data and code the claims. This is tracked through our digital workflow and proprietary software called, "Accuracy." 

Then we file the claim with the insurance carrier. When electronic deposits or check payments are received, we post the payments to the patient’s account. The revenue cycle ends for a single claim when the patient account balance reaches zero.
But the ongoing revenue cycle process for anesthesia practices never ends. We use revenue cycle management software and expert processing techniques to monitor benchmarks such as expected collections, collection ratio, days-in-accounts-receivable, and aged receivables analysis to continually manage cash flow.

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Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management Software

Profitable anesthesia revenue cycle management requires professional tools. Medical Business Management's state-of-the-art anesthesia billing software allows us to effectively manage and track claims from charge entry through reimbursement.

Our anesthesia revenue cycle management software includes:
Anesthesia billing
Real-time claim tracking
Scanning and secure electronic document storage
We actively test new technology to provide greater access to patient information and speed up the billing process, so your facility can receive reimbursements faster.

An Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management Partner

Outsourcing your anesthesia practice’s revenue cycle management increases cash flow and frees your staff to focus on patient care and anesthesia services.

We have developed productive anesthesia revenue cycles and enhanced cash flow for numerous healthcare facilities, anesthesiology groups, and CRNA groups transitioning from “in-house” billing or their existing billing company to MBM.

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