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Develop A Custom Approach To  Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Business Management provides billing and practice management services for anesthesia providers and specialists in the following areas:

Are You Spending Excessive Time On Administrative Tasks?

We can help. We have the experience to handle the following so your team can focus on what matters:
ICD-10 coding
Charge analysis
Charge entry
Payment posting
Insurance follow-up
Patient calls
Patient statements
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice management
Medical Business Management has over 30 years of experience in the medical billing industry, and we work closely with your team to develop a custom approach to revenue cycle management.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists have complex billing and coding requirements to document their services and manage the revenue cycle. Our team has a deep understanding of worker’s compensation guidelines, coding, and the nuances of billing for physical therapy groups. We help your team generate clean and easy-to-understand charge tickets and maximize billable units per patient encounter. 

We also have dedicated staff to follow up on the payment process because we know that speeding up the payment process makes a big difference in maximizing collections from your accounts receivable.

Contact Medical Business Management today to learn more about our cash flow solutions for physical therapy groups.
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Pain Management

Medical Business Management provides revenue cycle management services for interventional pain practices, including epidural injections, epidural blocks, facet injections, discographies, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and more.

Medical Business Management uses our expertise to pair or separate the ICD-10 codings of these procedures properly. Our team of experts understands how to code the procedures to maximize your reimbursement for supplies, anesthetic medicine or steroids, sedation drugs, and guidance devices. This recaptured revenue is imperative to your bottom line and critical for continuing your practice operations.

Medical Business Management starts with credentialing as the first and most critical step in the revenue cycle. This ensures that providers are eligible and that in-network will maximize revenue. In addition to confirming the credentials of payers, we offer everything from revenue projections to revenue cycle development, and we can assist pain physicians with data entry and payment posting. We also work with CPT and ICD-10 certified coding. Our services cover the billing and collections for your practice and the management of your patient electronic medical records (EMR) and overall practice.

Quality pain treatment is only possible when you aren’t spending all of your time on office tasks. Our industry expertise in billings in the pain management arena has prepared us to help you with your complex position and desired outcome. Give Medical Business Management a call, and we will help you focus on your work instead of worrying about getting paid.

Physical Medicine and Physiatry

Medical Business Management specializes in billing and coding procedures and equipment used in physical medicine and physiatry to decrease pain without surgery, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pain disorders related to the nerves, muscles, brain, and bones.

Medical Business Management has the expertise to bill for your practice’s physical medicine services, such as:
Initial patient visit
Treatment plans
Nursing home visits
Drug screen confirmations
Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Nerve conduction studies
Rehab hospital admissions and discharges
We believe in collaboration. Your expertise in your field helps us customize our partnership based on your practice’s unique position. At Medical Business Management, we do billing and coding so physicians can focus on their patients and their treatment plans, not on the paperwork.

Contact us today to see how Medical Business Management can assist your practice with the business and revenue cycle management components of being a physical medicine and physiatry doctor.
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Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provides therapeutic benefits to patients in need. DME for pain management includes:
Support braces
DME is usually categorized by having a lifetime of at least 3 years, being durable, being used at home for a medical reason, and having utility only during sickness or injury.

Allow Medical Business Management to be your billing ally. You need a profitable revenue line to continue practicing medicine. Don’t find yourself with a list of uncollectible debts. When you need reimbursements for your durable medical equipment, contact Medical Business Management.
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