Medical Business Management embraces the use of technology to streamline anesthesia services and the medical revenue cycle.  State-of-the-art anesthesia billing software allows MBM to effectively manage and track claims from charge entry through reimbursement.

MBM’s unique software include:

  • Anesthesia Specific Billing Software
  • Coding Specific Software
  • Real Time Claim Tracking Software
  • Credentialing Specific Software
  • Scanning and Electronic Document Storage Software

The anesthesia specific billing software allows MBM to process and track medical claims throughout the billing process.  The software incorporates programs that kick out and track incorrect claims during processing. This lets MBM correct and re-file in a timely manner.

MBM actively seeks new technology and recently created a data sharing, direct patient information download, which helps speed the billing process and reduce days in accounts receivables.  These programs allow MBM to have EMR/EHR compatibility.

MBM is positioned as a clearinghouse with major insurance payers thus allowing for fast and effective Electronic Filings and Electronic Remittances.

MBM is on the forefront of technology and we have strategically positioned ourselves for future growth.