Physical Medicine and Physiatry

At Medical Business Management, we have over 26 years of experience offering revenue management cycle services to the medical industry. One of our specialties is billing and coding the procedures and equipment used for physical medicine and physiatry.

Physical medicine and physiatry include a diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pain disorders related to the nerves, muscles, brain, and bones; physiatrist or rehabilitation physicians are doctors who have completed specific training in the medical specialty of physical medicine, otherwise known as physiatry.

The goal of a physical medicine doctor is to decrease patients’ pain and improve performance without surgery. Therefore, physical medicine covers a wide array of services. Whether your patient has a sore shoulder or spinal cord injuries, a physical medicine provider will work to provide treatment and rehabilitation even though each situation requires a different approach. In the same way, the Medical Business Management team has an understanding of the vast differences in medical coding and billing. These management services are best performed by a team of specialists.

Medical Business Management has the expertise to bill for your practice’s physical medicine services, such as:

  • Initial patient visit
  • Treatment plans
  • Nursing home visit
  • Drug screens/confirmations
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
  • TENS units
  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Rehab hospital admissions and discharges

At Medical Business Management, we believe in collaboration. Your knowledge about your field is valuable in order to customize our solution for your practice’s unique position. We need to work in partnership.

Contact us today to see how Medical Business Management can assist your practice with the business and revenue cycle management components of being a physical medicine and physiatry doctor. At Medical Business Management, we do billing and coding because we understand that physicians need to be able to focus on their patients and their treatment plans, not on the paperwork.