Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provides therapeutic benefits to patients in need. DME for pain management includes:

  • Support braces
  • Orthotics
  • TENS units

DME is usually categorized by having a lifetime of at least 3 years, being durable, being used at home for a medical reason, and not usually having use to someone unless they are sick or injured.

These types of pain management take the support and rehabilitation approach. For example, a TENS unit is a device with a low voltage electric current that is used as therapy to relieve physical pain. Common reasons to use the TENS treatment include acute and chronic pain, as well as post-op and cancer pain, among others.

Different pieces of equipment are prescribed for various symptoms. As a physician who supplies equipment for patients to use at home, you’re expected to have inventory on hand. That way, when a patient needs the durable medical equipment, you have it.

In many situations, providers purchase durable medical equipment on the front end. Without reimbursement, medical providers will be out-of-pocket for these expenses, and fall into an unsustainable cycle of purchasing equipment and supplying it to patients without ever receiving payment in return. This makes quick, reliable reimbursements critical.

The truth is, without quick reimbursement, you will quickly fall into a cash flow standstill. Our staff is skilled in revenue cycle management, and we have the expertise to recover your costs. Being paid for medical equipment that you supply to patients is an important variable in your ability to stay in business.

Just as physicians and nurses are familiar with the numerous approaches to pain management, Medical Business Management has the experience and skill to maximize payments for DME products. We ensure that our clients’ out-of-pocket costs are reimbursed and that their DME services provide a profitable revenue line.

We handle all aspects of the revenue cycle, and with over 26 years of experience in this industry, Medical Business Management understands that cash flow is necessary for business operations. Your practice is no different.

Allow Medical Business Management to be your billing ally. You need a profitable revenue line to continue practicing medicine. Don’t find yourself with a list of uncollectible debts. When you need reimbursements for your durable medical equipment, contact Medical Business Management.