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The Future of Anesthesiology: How Anesthesiologist and CRNA Shortages Are Making an Impact

Anesthesiologists and CRNAs are among the most sought-after specialties in the medical field. As healthcare demands are increasing and the supply of qualified physicians decreases, the future of anesthesiology is fraught with discussions surrounding the direction of the industry. As with many other healthcare professionals, the pandemic of 2020 has also provided another degree of […]

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Anesthesia Billing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Anesthesia billing is more complicated than billing for most other specialties. Between coding specifications and the differences in time billed, it can be challenging for facilities to understand how to leverage these complexities to maximize eligible revenue. In breaking this down into “Anesthesia 101,” we’ve highlighted some of the unique features of anesthesia billing in […]

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New COVID-19 Relief Package

On Monday, December 21, Congress passed legislation that included another COVID-19 relief package worth $900 billion. On Sunday, December 27, President Trump signed this legislation into law.  Among its many provisions, the package includes payments up to $600 per adult and child to qualifying Americans, an increase in weekly unemployment benefits and funds for small-business […]

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Should You Change Medical Billing Providers?

Each year provides new challenges and lessons, but these also lead to many opportunities for positive change. As you plan for the future, one thing you should ask yourself is, “Am I getting the results I want from my vendors?” That is certainly true for those who work with medical billing companies. If you have […]

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Code Revisions for 2021: What You Need to Know

As next year approaches, we expect to see many changes - in how we do business, how we plan for the future, and how we code our pain management services.  That’s right, the CPT® 2021 code book has been released. It details coding additions, revisions, and deletions to be implemented next year.  We will provide […]

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How Outsourcing Anesthesia is a Strategic Move for Your Facility

By Joe Gribbin, Sr.  Hospital and facility administrators are often unaware of how much revenue is unrecognized when they bill anesthesia incorrectly. This can be the case whether they manage anesthesia in-house or contract with an anesthesia group.  I spent 12 years as a hospital administrator before starting MBM, so I’ve seen how missed revenue […]

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A Day in the Life of an Anesthesia Provider During a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on just about everyone. However, healthcare professionals have experienced some of the most acute effects on their physical and emotional health, and even on their financial wellbeing.  We reached out to anesthesia providers to better understand what the day-to-day looked like for them during these times and learn […]

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What Facility Administrators Need to Know About Anesthesia Revenue

by Joe Gribbin, Sr. Facility administrators have to make countless decisions regarding employing, contracting, compensating, and managing anesthesiologists and CRNAs, and these decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line.   I spent 12 years working as a hospital administrator before starting MBM, so I understand these challenges. By understanding the types of relationships your […]

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Breaking News: CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Phase 3 Portal is Now Open

Interested parties can now apply for the Phase 3 General Distribution from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. The Department of Health and Human Services opened the portal Monday morning, October 5.  Please note, the Phase 3 distribution expands eligibility for funds and allows application submissions for those who: Missed a prior application deadline Were […]

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Alert: COVID-19 Relief Grants for Health Care and Emergency Response Providers

The State of Alabama recently made an important announcement that could have a big impact on Alabama Health Care and Emergency Response providers. The State is issuing COVID19 Relief Grants for providers that meet certain eligibility requirements. The Alert letter is included below. IMPORTANT: These disbursements are on a first-come, first-served basis, starting noon October […]

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