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June 22, 2017

Anesthesia MACRA Measures Cheat Sheet

June 22, 2017


It can be tough to learn all the ins and outs of MACRA, but 2017 is the time to do just that – and with a little help from Medical Business Management, you can get all the details a little easier with our cheat sheets (under the MACRA tab on our website).

Keep reading to learn about our Anesthesia MACRA Measures Cheat Sheet and how it could help your practice!

Help with MACRA Reporting via QCDR

On our cheat sheet, you will find information on the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), which is the easiest way to make sure your practice is compliant with MACRA and to ensure your participation in the CMS bonus pool, which contains over $500 million. Additionally, you’ll find information on reporting with a Qualified Clinical Data Repository (QCDR).

You’ll also learn why it may be best to report via a QCDR, even though CMS has provided several “MIPS measures” that apply specifically to an anesthesia practice.

Examples of the MACRA Quality Measures

One of the main things you’ll get when you use our cheat sheet is an example of 8 anesthesia-specific MACRA measures that your practice can collect without making any major changes. They’re things you’re probably already doing anyway, but you may not be documenting them in a way that makes it easy to report to CMS.

We can teach you how to do that, and we’ll also give examples of the following measures:

  •      ABG 5 – Safety for Vascular Access
  •      ABG 7 – Post Op Pain Management
  •      ABG 14 – Corneal Abrasion
  •      ABG 21 – PreOp Eval for OSA
  •      ABG 28 – PreOp Eval for GERD
  •      ABG 29 – PreOp Eval for Glaucoma
  •      ABG 30 – PreOp Eval for PONV Risk
  •      ABG 31 – PreOp Eval for Alc/Tob

MBM Is Here to Help Your Practice Succeed

We’re passionate about helping providers make the transition to MACRA during the 2017 year, and we’re also dedicated to relieving some of the paperwork off your business. If you’re interested in starting a conversation about our billing and coding services, contact us today!

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