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March 20, 2018

What is MAC Anesthesia?

March 20, 2018

MAC stands for Monitored Anesthesia Care. MAC is not necessarily a type of anesthesia but more of a
style of anesthesia.

Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) includes all aspects of anesthesia care, a pre-procedure visit, intra-procedure care and post-procedure anesthesia management. While MAC may include the administration of sedatives and analgesics often used for Moderate Sedation, the MAC provider must be prepared and qualified to convert to general anesthesia when necessary.

Sedation With MAC Anesthesia

MAC allows for the safe administration of maximal depth of sedation. MAC provides the ability to adjust sedation levels from full consciousness to general anesthesia during the course of a procedure; this flexibility provides matching sedation levels for the patient and proceduralist requirements to achieve ideal procedural conditions.

During a MAC procedure, if the patient loses consciousness and the ability to respond purposefully, the anesthesia care by definition is converted to a general anesthetic regardless of whether airway instrumentation is required.

MAC Anesthesia Post-Procedure Care

MAC anesthesia requires post-procedure care such as return to full consciousness, relief of pain, psychological support and physical comfort as well as the diagnosis and treatment of co-existing medical problems.

Monitored Anesthesia Care is a physician service that must be provided by a qualified anesthesia provider, it should be subject to the same level of payment as general anesthesia.

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