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July 24, 2015

The ABC's of Picking the Right Anesthesia Billing Company

July 24, 2015

anesthesia billing company

Choosing to outsource medical billing is highly important for any anesthesia practice.

Choosing the right anesthesia billing company is just as important.

The company you choose to handle your medical billing – your source of revenue – is one of the most critical decisions a practice will make. After all, the financial health of your practice is riding on it, which means you want to make a solid choice and pick a trusted provider.

As some of our competitors are under increased scrutiny, we have been thinking about what we would want to know if we were in our clients’ shoes. How do you go about selecting the right anesthesia billing company for your practice?

Here are three tips to get started.

Choose a Specialist, Not a Generalist

Specialists exist for a reason. They exist because their specific, highly-developed level of expertise is needed. Only that experience will do – not the experience offered by a generalist.

Just as you wouldn’t choose a general surgeon to perform extremely delicate brain surgery (you would want the world’s best neurosurgeon), you should also choose billing companies that specialize in anesthesia billing.

The reason is simple: they fully understand your practice and its unique needs better than a generalist billing company.

Choose In-House Talent

Another tip is to go with providers who perform everything in-house and don’t outsource critical components of the revenue cycle.

That can be one of the most frustrating experiences when working with a billing provider: finding out that they outsource their operations to third parties. You’re not paying them to outsource; you’re paying them for their expertise and their skill.

Don’t choose a provider that goes overseas for coding, data entry, and follow up.

Go With Integrity and Trust

Finally, trust and integrity matter – and they’re both in short supply.

You need to select an anesthesia billing company that has longevity and a track record of upholding the trust placed in it by its clients. You want a company that operates with integrity and has clients who have stuck by its side for a number of years.

Medical Business Management, for example, has been in business for over 25 years. The average length of time spent with a client is over 10 years and rising. We have never had the slightest problem with our procedures and accountability – and operate with the utmost integrity.

Medical Business Management (MBM) is a full service claims, billing, and medical practice management company that specializes in anesthesia medical billing. Since our establishment in 1990, we have met the above criteria and raised the industry bar. You work hard to make your practice the best -- so it makes sense to partner with MBM to help you accomplish your goals. Give us a call at (800)-477-4544, or contact us through email to discuss how we are the anesthesia billing company you want to hire.

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