Pain Physicians

At Medical Business Management, we understand the full scope of work that pain physicians perform. Medical Business Management offers a unique billing platform for pain management physicians that includes:

  • Patient Consultations
  • Injections
  • Procedures
  • Anesthesia

Letting us handle the billing and business office components allows you to focus on your patients. We were established in 1990, and serve over 500 healthcare providers with a full spectrum of services. One of our specialties is billing for pain physicians.

Medical Business Management starts with credentialing as the first and most critical step in the revenue cycle. This ensures that providers are eligible and that in-network will maximize revenue.

In addition to confirming the credentials of payers, we offer everything from revenue projections to revenue cycle development, and we can assist pain physicians with data entry and payment posting. We also work with CPT and ICD-10 certified coding.

Our services cover the billing and collections for your practice, and also the management of your patient electronic medical records (EMR) and overall practice. For example, when a pain management specialist evaluates a patient’s particular pain problem, this involves a detailed history, physical exam, and medical tests. In order to keep the records conveniently organized and up to compliance standards, EMRs are necessary. Keeping these EMRs up-to-date requires expertise and attention to detail. If you need help with EMR and practice management, let Medical Business Management assist you.

While each of the aforementioned services are within the scope of pain physicians’ responsibilities, you also have patients to consider. If you are spending excessive amounts of time on administrative tasks, consider giving Medical Business Management a call. We have the experience to help you take care of the following:

  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Patient payments
  • Statements
  • Collections
  • Reporting
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management

Revenue cycle management is filled with complexities. Fortunately, Medical Business Management has experience with these matters, such as billing multiple levels and incorporating the correct modifications to reduce bundling issues. Our billing process ensures 100% accountability for all of the services we provide, and our skilled staff is trained to maximize your reimbursements.
Contact us today to see how Medical Business Management can assist your practice with the business and revenue cycle management components of being a pain physician.