Interventional Pain Management

Medical Business Management has worked in the medical billing industry since 1990. We serve our pain management clients with a full spectrum of services, including revenue cycle management for interventional pain practices.

Interventional pain management is the segment of pain management that is devoted to invasive techniques. Physicians who practice this type of pain management utilize techniques such as irreplaceable procedures, injections, and blocks. These services include epidural injections, epidural blocks, facet injections, discographies, nerve blocks, and spinal cord stimulation.

Facet injections, for example, are injections of medication that are inserted between a set of vertebrae in the spine for the purpose of reducing inflammation. This can often help alleviate the pain of the surrounding areas, and even in the arms or legs.

Discography, often referred to as a discogram, is another type of procedure sometimes used by interventional pain physicians. Used to determine if a disk is the cause of back pain, this diagnostic procedure involves injecting discs to induce pain, which evokes pressure. Although this causes a temporary increase in pain, having a discography performed also allows the pain physician to evaluate the patient’s disc pain, especially when deciding whether or not to perform invasive surgery.

As a pain physician, you know the proper diagnostic procedures to perform on each patient. In the same way that these pain management methods are appropriate for different patients in various contexts, Medical Business Management uses our expertise to properly pair or separate the ICD-10 codings of these procedures. Our team of experts understands how to code the procedures in a way that maximizes your reimbursement for supplies, anesthetic medicine or steroids, sedation drugs, and guidance devices. This recaptured revenue is imperative to your bottom line and critical for the continuation of your practice operations.

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