Pain Management Billing

Pain management is the practice of medicine that treats all types of pain. This can include musculoskeletal, spinal, and neuropathic pain. Pain management is a rapidly growing field in the healthcare industry and can include a variety of pain specialists. Therefore, whatever type of pain management specialist you are, whether you’re a pain physician or in the physiatry arena, medical pain management billing is a necessary but possibly overwhelming task. Even though managing your practice’s billing can be difficult, cash flow is what enables a business to stay open.

Billing can make a huge impact on your financials. Let Medical Business Management help you generate cash flow! The revenue cycle is important for the continued operations of your business. You’re the expert in diagnosing and treating the cause of pain, and we’re the experts at medical billing practice management. One of our provider specialties is pain management billing. Allow Medical Business Management to implement a medical collections revenue cycle for you.

Pain management billing services can cover a broad spectrum of the industry, including pain physicians, physical medicine, physical therapy, and durable medical equipment (DME). So whether your group practices one of these elements or multiple, if you’re looking for a company to help with pain management billing, Medical Business Management can assist you.

With over 26 years of experience, Medical Business Management can help you overcome pain management billing challenges. We understand the nuances and complex issues that come with office management and billing for medical industry professionals, especially with practices in the pain management arena. If you’re looking for assistance, Medical Business Management has experience with billing multiple levels and identifying bundling issues. We are skilled in durable medical equipment (DME) management, as well as maximizing drug confirmations billing for pain management.

Our professional services and well-trained staff make it possible to streamline the billing process and complete collections. We stay up-to-date on the newest compliancy issues so that we can provide you with accurate and efficient results. We take pride in our medical billing services, and our services include expertise on: physician credentialing, medical coding, data input, filing claims, payment posting, follow-up, and bill collections.

Quality pain treatment is only possible when you aren’t spending all of your time on office tasks. Our industry expertise in billings in the pain management arena has prepared us to help you with your complex position and desired outcome. Tell us about your unique situation, and our team will strategize with you to create solutions for reimbursement. Give Medical Business Management a call and we will help you focus on your work instead of worrying about getting paid.

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