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September 22, 2015

Outsourced Medical Coding: The Solution to Lost Revenue

September 22, 2015

Medical Coding Company Alabama

For your practice to remain successful, all charts must be coded and billed on time. Incomplete and denied claims put a delay on collecting your accounts receivable. With unexpected mishaps, you cannot always find extra time and experience internally.

The most effective way to improve accounts receivables efficiency is to eliminate denials through outsourced medical coding.

Denials Lead to Lost Revenue

Working with an outsourced medical coding company gives you access to professionals who can dedicate time and expertise to your billing. Outsourced medical coding provides your practice with accurate documentation of all front-end processes including procedures and diagnoses. It also provides you with trust and liability.

Outsourced medical coding companies focus on reducing your denials and therefore increasing your revenue via reimbursement. You should have a higher chance of collecting on unpaid claims with an outsourced company.

Should You Outsource Your Medical Coding?

A third party medical coding company will help you manage your account receivables. They have experts on hand to help you navigate your claims and the resources necessary to efficiently approach billing and coding. You must follow all HIPAA guidelines, maintain confidentiality, have strict policies, and establish an accurate data check system.

If you do choose to outsource, there are many factors that go into selecting the right company. Depending on your specialization (physical therapy, family medicine, etc.), your diagnostic and procedural codes will be different. You want to be sure that the third party company handling your coding is educated in your individual field and proven results.

If you have increasingly costly overhead and are spending too much time on billing because of new regulations or a history of denied claims, outsourced medical coding may prove to be exceptionally beneficial.  Generating higher revenues is only possible if you are getting fully reimbursed for your work, which typically takes less time if you choose to outsource your billing.

Outsourced Medical Coding with Trustworthy Results

Your practice depends on the the effective, efficient turnover of your claims. Outsourcing can allow you to focus on staffing, human resources, and patient services instead of billing.

Medical Business Management is a trusted provider of outsourced medical coding and billing for medical practices. We have helped clients improve cash flow and receive reimbursement on time.

Contact Medical Business Management today to learn more about how we can be of service, and save money starting today!

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