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January 22, 2017

It’s National CRNA Week!

January 22, 2017

From January 22 to 28, 2017, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) is sponsoring National CRNA Week as a way to honor nurse anesthetists. Learn more with Medical Business Management!

What Does a CRNA Do?

Most people don’t really know what a nurse anesthetist does. In general, people think that a nurse anesthetist puts them to sleep, walks out of the room, and then returns to wake up the patient. But the reality is much more than that.

CRNAs are with the patient at all times, from the first greeting all the way through the entire procedure and when they wake up. It is truly a job like no other – and it’s o

ne of the most misunderstood jobs around.

Even so, nurse anesthetists seem to be happy with their careers. The recently-released 2017 U.S. News and World Report Best Jobs list, the job of nurse anesthetist ranked fifth on best health care jobs, and sixth on the best jobs overall.

A Personal Job

Because they are present through the entire procedure, nurse anesthetists can monitor all of the patient’s reactions and behavior. That level of interaction before the anesthesia is administered allows nurse anesthetists to build trust and familiarize themselves with the patient as a person, which makes it a very personal job – especially in the medical field, which can sometimes feel a little impersonal.

One of the reasons CRNAs love their jobs is because they can work with people from the time they are born until they die. They work with people of all ages, and so they must understand how the human body reacts to anesthesia at each age and under a wide range of health conditions.

MBM Loves CRNAs!

Here at Medical Business Management, we’re dedicated to serving CRNAs and helping them do their jobs better by taking care of their coding and billing needs. If you, or a CRNA you know, could benefit from our anesthesia billing services, contact us and let us know. Happy National CRNA Week!


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