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Category: Revenue Cycle Management

Master the Art of Anesthesia Billing: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Here are common anesthesia billing mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize your revenue and save your bottom line.

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Medicare Sequestration Cuts & How They Will Impact Your Anesthesia Practice

In July, the Medicare sequestration rate rose back to 2%. Here is what you need to know about the Medicare sequestration cuts and their impact on your anesthesia practice.

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In-House or Outsourced Anesthesia Billing? The Answer Is In Your Bottom Line

It can be difficult to decide which billing option is better for your practice: in-house or outsourced. To help with this decision, ask yourself some questions. Which option gives you the most comfort with the process? Which option gives you the best ROI?  To answer this, let’s ask some questions about your practice. What is […]

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The High Cost of Bad Billing: The Dangers of Incorrect Documentation for Anesthesia Services

There are no do-overs in coding and billing for anesthesia services. You get one chance, and you have to get it right. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, as they say. The cost of incorrect documentation can be high - both in lost reimbursement and in non-compliance. You also can’t rely on someone […]

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The Only Constant is Change: Trends Impacting Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management in 2021

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  Charles Darwin said this about the natural world, but it’s a truism that could also apply to healthcare revenue cycle management in 2021. Changes to protocols and standards happen […]

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Understanding the Difference Between TIVA & MAC: Tips for Easy Reimbursement

Anesthesia care and billing doesn’t fall on a spectrum from “easy to hard” in terms of levels of care. In fact, it’s a diverse Venn diagram of interactions between existing conditions, procedures, modifiers, and services. The distinctions on this Venn diagram become very important, however, when it comes time to reimburse for these complex types […]

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Should You Change Medical Billing Providers?

Each year provides new challenges and lessons, but these also lead to many opportunities for positive change. As you plan for the future, one thing you should ask yourself is, “Am I getting the results I want from my vendors?” That is certainly true for those who work with medical billing companies. If you have […]

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How Outsourcing Anesthesia is a Strategic Move for Your Facility

By Joe Gribbin, Sr.  Hospital and facility administrators are often unaware of how much revenue is unrecognized when they bill anesthesia incorrectly. This can be the case whether they manage anesthesia in-house or contract with an anesthesia group.  I spent 12 years as a hospital administrator before starting MBM, so I’ve seen how missed revenue […]

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What Facility Administrators Need to Know About Anesthesia Revenue

by Joe Gribbin, Sr. Facility administrators have to make countless decisions regarding employing, contracting, compensating, and managing anesthesiologists and CRNAs, and these decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line.   I spent 12 years working as a hospital administrator before starting MBM, so I understand these challenges. By understanding the types of relationships your […]

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Breaking News: CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Phase 3 Portal is Now Open

Interested parties can now apply for the Phase 3 General Distribution from the CARES Act Provider Relief Fund. The Department of Health and Human Services opened the portal Monday morning, October 5.  Please note, the Phase 3 distribution expands eligibility for funds and allows application submissions for those who: Missed a prior application deadline Were […]

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